Review Policy

I accept ARCs and finished copies from publishers, authors, and publicists and will also accept eGalleys that can be read on a Nook or Ipad device. If you would like me to review a book in any of these forms, I can be contacted by email at My blog is strictly for Young Adult and occasionally New Adult fiction, so unfortunately I will not be able to review any books that are not of either genre. If asked to review a book, I will do so in a timely manner and my review will be of my honest opinion of the book.

I am also open to doing author interviews, blog tours, and guest posts, and can be contacted by email if you’d like me to participate in either of these.

I also post reviews on my Goodreads account and on Twitter.

UPDATE: As of January 2014, I am no longer accepting review requests.

2 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. I don’t really write YA, but if I find a decent YA author in need of a review, is it okay if I recommend you? Your reviews are very well written and thoughtful, exactly what an author looks for.

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