The Social Code by Sadie Hayes

The Social Code by Sadie HayesAdam and Amelia Dory are eighteen year old twins who just received scholarships to Stanford University. They are excited to finally leave behind their difficult small town life of foster parents and hardships, and excited to make something of themselves right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Amelia is a talented computer genius, and her brother decides to use her talents to create their own company, hoping to earn millions and make a name for themselves. What he didn’t realize is exactly how competitive the business world really is, and how their secrets will not stay buried forever.

This book was a huge disappointment. I feel like this was a bad rip off of the Facebook movie. Amelia is a shy computer nerd who is (of course) extremely good looking and her brother Adam is a jerk who basically wants to use his sister to make money. Amelia creates an app for the iPhone and her brother decides to use her app to make them famous. With the help of an investor, they start their own company and begin to make money.

Not a single character in this story was likeable. Amelia is boring and seems to lack any redeeming qualities other than her intelligence and the fact that she’s good looking. Aside from that she doesn’t have much of a personality. Her twin, Adam, who supposedly is her best friend, is pretty much a jerk who uses her for his own advancement. He starts dating a girl simply because she’s good looking and aside from that there are no sparks in their relationship.

The whole book was very choppy, jumping from one character’s perspective to another without any real transition in between. I found myself confused many times because of this, and I don’t think the jumping around from character to character helped the story at all. It also didn’t really have an ending! I’ve heard of leaving a cliffhanger, but is it necessary to end a book mid-conversation? I kept hitting next page on my ereader because I honestly couldn’t believe that was the ending.

Overall, The Social Code was a disappointing read. The story was very predictable and I was unable to connect with any of the characters. Since the book ended so abruptly I’m guessing there is going to be a sequel, but unfortunately I will not be reading it.

The Social Code will be released on September 3, 2013.

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